Batflightviz ia an interactive real-time visualization based on real 3D motion data of a flying bat.

Batflightviz is based on kinematic motion data derived from high-speed videography of a bat (Leptonycteris yerbabuenae) flying over a range of flight speeds (0 – 7 m/s) in a wind tunnel. The 3D model was created in cinema 4D and the real time animation in Unity. The Unity platform was chosen for free availability and the compatibility with browsers. The visualization shows detailed bat flight and provides the user with multiple control possibilities. The flight speed can be adjusted, which allows for the direct comparison of flight movements over the speed range. The playback speed can be adjusted, which makes it easier to follow the wing movement. Traces of the wingtip path as well as the path of the tip of the 5th finger can be displayed. Another feature shows a cartoon of the vortex wakes created behind a flying bat in the air, at 7 m/s.